Top Ten Upcoming Horror Films of 2013


The new year arrived just a couple of days ago and you may have already thought to yourself: “Why hasn’t SnoutyPig given us a top ten list yet?” The answer is simple. Those will come in bunches and we want to be selective with the stuff we bring to the table. Besides, a consensus would be unlikely among our staff. However, there is one thing we were all able to agree on: trying to predict a top ten is a lot more fun and an exercise worth doing. Thus, part of our staff (Mr. Macabro, Burrizza, and Mola Moinker) collaborated to give you the kind of top ten lists you can expect from SnoutyPig.

This article provides some information about each of the films and briefly discusses the merits of each film.  However, we prepared an exclusive compilation video that brings you all the trailers and pictures of these upcoming films. The video is at the bottom of this article in case you would like to watch it first and then come back for details. A word of WARNING though: The video contains RED BAND trailers, graphic depictions of gore and violence and brief nudity. It may be NSFW.

Our plan is to bring you a wrap up article in October 2013 for Halloween; the article will look back on these films and review each and every single one of the releases. Without further ado:

10. Maniac (2012) – Release Date: TBD

Mr. Macabro:  Yeah it’s a remake. Whatever. But it looks gorgeous and Elijah Wood’s performance in the trailer alone gave me chills (and he’s no stranger to crazy). It’s unfortunate that Alexandre Aja (producer) has been involved mostly in remakes, because the man is incredibly talented. I trust in Aja, and I know Maniac will be a top notch production like most of his other work. Just ignore Mirrors. Please?

Editor’s Note: There are expectations it will be released in Spring 2013.

9. World War Z  (2013)  – Release Date: June 21, 2013

Burrizza: Right on time for my birthday and this film, fun or failure, World War Z, is a must for me. I cannot speak for everyone on this panel of putrid pigs and dino-psychos, but despite the terrible looking CGI, the film’s trampling on the novel, and the reported script troubles, I am still looking forward to and am excited about a high budget zombie film that includes a top Hollywood celebrity like Brad Pitt.  Zombie films might benefit from this film’s success.  Lastly, all three panelists agreed with a different zombie film’s inclusion on this top 10 list and that one has crappy CGI too so forgiving this film its biggest sin is easy. I did it for I Am Legend (2007) and my hope is this film will capture some of the better stuff from Will Smith’s film. The next big question is: did Brad Pitt phone it in? My gamble is no.

8. Mama (2013) – Release Date: January 18, 2013

Burrizza: If someone were to ask me which one of the top 10 upcoming horror films truly had a chance of being scary my answer would be: “Oh mama mia, it’s Mama!” Of all those selected, it has the earliest release date right in the middle of winter because this film gives you the chills. This film has what, regrettably, few other films on this list do: a bit of a foreign perspective: a Spanish film directed by Andres Muschietti and the executive producery (that’s my word!) of Guillermo del Toro. I will not bore you with a synopsis (mama means mumsy or mommy and the mom is a witch or something?) but the creature effects in the trailer are scary as fighting for the last slice of pizza.  Plus, who can say no to backwards walking spider people?

7. The Green Inferno (2013) – Release Date: TBD

Mr. Macabro: Oh, man. Eli Roth. He’s influenced by some great material, and has proven to be unflinching in his visions. And the man knows what the genre is missing: The savage jungle cannibal. This bad boy has languished in the shadows for far too long, probably because of the increase in political correctness. Luckily, Eli Roth doesn’t know the meaning of the genre debilitating phrase.

Editor’s Note: No trailer yet exists for this one but our ‘fan trailer’ is a tribute to the aforementioned influential material like Cannibal Holocaust and Green Inferno.  Look for this one in the third quarter of 2013.

6. Warm Bodies (2013) – Release Date: February 1, 2013

Mr. Macabro: Zombie fiction hasn’t progressed much lately (thank you very much, The Walking Dead). So, I was pleasantly surprised by Warm Bodies. The concept of love and undeath is nothing new, but the film is set to take the idea into (mostly) uncharted territory. Plus, it’s a very welcome comedic break from the flood of typical survivor stories. Is love really all you need in a zombie epidemic? I’m dying to know. Cough.

5. Dark Skies (2013) – Release Date: February 22, 2013

Mola Moinker: Man what is it about winter that makes it so perfect for horror films? Is it the association with Hades and Persephone? Shit. That reminds me. I want pomegranates and aliens. But aliens haven’t really been scary since before Damon Lindelof decided to kill the franchise. Now that’s cold! Seriously though. When was the last time you were frightened by alien abduction? You have been selected and their experiments will poison your body and turn it against you even as you lose control of your senses.  This film seems to combine elements of Poltergeist with nefarious extra terrestrials looking to go Greek on your ass. Now that’s some mythology, baby!

4. Evil Dead (2013) – Release Date: April 12, 2013

Mola Moinker: Yes, another remake makes the list and there was the distinct possibility that a third could have crept into this list just as easily. Like many of you I am conflicted about this movie. The original is pretty sacred among horror fans but the red band trailer has so much insanity and gore that it is hard to dismiss. If you wanted to see what Christopher Nolan’s Joker might have looked like prior to it being sewn back together again this film will by all means oblige. Self mutilation is a fascinating thing when depicted on screen and this film calls back Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever and even a bit of lesser known The Ruins where one must dig out the root of something evil inside.

3. The Lords of Salem (2012) – Release Date: April 26, 2013

Mr. Macabro: I forgive Rob Zombie for the Halloween remakes, but only because The Devil’s Rejects shows that he has a ton of potential. House of 1000 Corpses was a fun little nod to the genre, but still pretty uneven and awkward. The trailer for The Lords of Salem is full of spectacular imagery backed by a chilling chorus of Satanic chanting, which all hopefully adds up to one hell of an occult epic. Let’s hope the witch makes a comeback.

2. I, Frankenstein (2013) – Release Date: September 13, 2013

Mola Moinker: This film has the potential to be really, really bad.  It could be the next Van Helsing (2004).  This film is a comic book adaptation and honestly, they could not have cast a better person to play the intelligent monster of Frankenstein than selecting the always great Aaron Eckhart. We do not have a trailer for this film so we basically used a bunch of images set to one of the most kick ass songs that describe how much ass the “I” in I, Frankenstein should kick. The film should bludgeon you with both a philosophical monster and the amazing potential of the comic’s creatures (also featured in the fan trailer). One rant though: releasing a horror film well over a month before Halloween never makes sense to a burrito eating pizza lover like me.

1. American Mary (2012) – Release Date: TBD

Mola Moinker: This film has been getting a lot of buzz in the horror film circuit and not just because of the sexy Soska sisters (twins) directed the film. The film tells the story of a medical student that resorts to extreme surgical body modification to pay for her student loans. Entering the seedy underworld combined with a traumatic incident destabilizes her psyche and unleashes ‘Bloody Mary’. That’s the synopsis, sure, but honestly, the film touches on our cultural obsession with appearances and even as it gives you what you want it seems to remind you that it comes at a price. If the trailer, which demonstrates flashes of subtlety, is a reflection of the film, then American Mary will surely be a reflection of our society and possibly a horror gem at the same time.

Editor’s Note: This film will be out on Blu-Ray and DVD in some regions of the world (like the UK).  Lastly, of all those on the list: only Maniac, Warm Bodies, and Mama were unanimous must see movie choices while we give out this Honorable Mention : Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D.

One more time, this video contains red band trailers with graphic violence, gore, and some nudity. It may not be safe for work (NSFW).


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Written By: Mr. Macabro, Burrizza and Mola Moinker
Video and Article Edited By: Mola Moinker