Suppressed Evidence of Atlantis Found in Squares and Spades

I love cultural anthropology. I was looking through an article that had a comparison between Incan and Egyptian works. My first thought: This is really a ‘cool in school’ list that allows for easy comparison of the similarities. Then they dropped the bomb. The reason those similarities exist is because Egyptians and Incans both came from an ancient culture that scholars are deliberately suppressing. Yes, scholars are keeping Atlantis under wraps. Continue reading


Left Behind Deepens Your Appreciation for The Last of Us

This review of The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC Content will mention specific parts of the main storyline but will not contain spoilers of the DLC content. The review is intended for readers that have already enjoyed and finished the main campaign. Please, if you have not finished the main story, do so now. This review will still be here. We will not leave you behind.

The Last of Us was amazing and revolutionary and the $15 DLC does the exact same thing in a smaller dose. Left Behind’s story simply adds another layer of complexity to the characters that inhabit this world and it leaves us with quite possibly the best DLC story we’ve seen in years. Continue reading


All the Movie References in Treehouse of Horror XXIV

The Simpsons opening title sequences are pretty much the only thing it’s got going for it these days but really, those first few minutes of animation are always fantastic. If you haven’t seen the opening to the latest Treehouse of Horror you can watch it and the references after the jump. It’s totally worth a few minutes of your time. Continue reading


Steam Console Changes the Conversation and the Game

To say this year has been filled with gaming news would be a huge understatement, not only because of the fact that Sony and Microsoft are releasing their latest game consoles but also because we are witnessing the most heated discussion between all the fanbases in gaming history. Up until this generation the only things discussed, at least casually, by the game console users, were hardware specs and game exclusivity. But because there are so many with so much knowledge about the industry we love that the upcoming generation is discussing Digital Rights Management (DRM) implementation, used game sales policy, independent developer support, big publishers playing favorites, online services, et al. Continue reading

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